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Joseph Mayseder Messe Eb-Major op. 64 - Wiener Hofmusikkapelle

Joseph Mayseder (1789-1863)

Mass in Eb-Major, op. 64


Joseph Mayseder was soloist in the orchestra of the Vienna Court Opera House and concertmaster of the Wiener Hofmusikkapelle (Imperial Court Music Ensemble). He composed numerous violin virtuoso pieces as well as chamber music and his important late Mass in E minor, op. 64. The mass was written for mixed chorus, strings, bassoons, clarinets, horns, trumpets, trombones and kettle drum. It does not include the usual vocal solos, thus emphasizing the choir as a whole instead. The intimate Adagio of the Kyrie is followed by a Gloria in three parts: the Gloria and Quoniam are characterized by rapid staccato sixteenth-note figures in the violins, the Qui tollis (Larghetto) by a clarinet solo. The middle section of the three-parted Credo (Et incarnatus) is composed as a solemn Adagio; the atmospheric Sanctus in B major is followed by a short Benedictus in G major, which finally leads to the Agnus Dei in G minor and Dona nobis in E sharp major. The mass was first performed on June 18, 1848 at the Imperial Chapel and remained a popular part of the ensemble’s repertoire until 1940.

Translation: Nora Tunkel