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Wiener Hofmusikkapelle


The Vienna Court Music Ensemble

Every Sunday, 9.15 am, from mid-September to June the Vienna Court Music Ensemble performs the Holy Mass at the Imperial Chapel. This continues a tradition going back more than 500 years, which began in the time of the Habsburg rulers. The Vienna Court Music Ensemble consists of the Vienna Boys Choir, members of the Vienna State Opera men’s choir and members of the Vienna State Opera Orchestra (most of which are also members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra). 

The ensemble’s repertoire covers sacred music from the Baroque until today and focuses especially on the famous masses of the Viennese Classics - Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert - up to Bruckner. The changing parts of the Holy Mass are sung in plainchant by the Choralschola the Imperial Court Chapel, a group of former members of the Vienna Boys Choir.

After the Holy Mass, the Vienna Boys Choir sings motets in front of the altar.