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House Rules


(Shortened Version for Visitors; Translation from the German into the English Language)

General Information

These House Rules apply to all visitors of the Wiener Hofmusikkapelle and to all events taking place within the premises of the Wiener Hofmusikkapelle and are based on the regulations in the Wiener Veranstaltungsgesetz (herein after Vienna Act on Public Events).

Please keep in mind the historical and sacred nature of this site and act accordingly.

It is forbidden to:

  • Smoke
  • Bring food or drinks into the chapel
  • Enter while intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics or other illegal substances
  • Bring pets or other animals into the chapel, with the exception of guide dogs according to the Vienna Act on Public Events
  • to take dangerous or potentially harmful objects into the event venue or the vicinity of the event venue
  • Bring and park scooters, bicycles and similar objects inside the rooms of the Wiener Hofmusikkapelle.

Baby carriages and strollers may only be placed in coordination with our staff and without blocking any entrance and exit routes.

In case of snowy or icy streets we cannot guarantee for your safety on uncleared pathways around the Chapel.

We reserve the right to remove any person not following these house rules from our premises. In this case you are not entitled for compensation, even if you hold a valid ticket for one of our events.


Specific Regulations for Visitors


Visitation of the chapel is possible free of charge at the times specified outside the chapel and on our homepage.

Please be respectful towards the chapel and other visitors, especially those engaged in prayer and other religious activities.

We offer guided tours upon prior notice.

Holy Masses

Attending the mass of the Wiener Hofmusikkapelle is only possible with a valid ticket. Should you fail to provide a valid ticket upon request by our staff, we reserve the right to ban you from our premises without compensation.

When attending the mass with children, we ask you not to disturb or distract other visitors.

The entry of any room other than sanitory facilities and the room specified on a valid ticket is prohibited.

Large objects such as luggage, backpacks, umbrellas, or prams are not permitted inside the chapel. Walking aids are permitted, provided they do not block any major transport routes.

Entering the chapel after the mass has started is only possible in accordance with our staff.

The use of mobile phones, as well as the use of cameras or any other recording or communications device, is prohibited during the mass.

In the case of the mass being broadcast on TV, or in the case of any other visual or audio records authorized by the Wiener Hofmusikkapelle, you consent to the commercial use of these recordings by the Wiener Hofmusikkapelle and any associated partners.

Other Events

All house rules mentioned above also apply to all other events within the premises of the Wiener Hofmusikkapelle (concerts, guided tours and other meetings).


Fire and other Emergencies

In case of an emergency, please follow the fire safety guidelines, the evacuation plan, and the instructions of our staff.


Wiener Hofmusikkapelle                                                                            

Mag. Jürgen Partaj

Managing Director