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„Im Finstan“

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Agnes Palmisano, Daniel Fuchsberger, Andreas Teufel & Aliosha Biz


Agnes Palmisano "Im Finstan" (lit. "in the dark"), John Dowland in Viennese German


"The songs of John Dowland have accompanied me for many years. In order to understand them better, I have started to translate them - and they express my innermost thoughts in such a way that now I no longer know: are these his stories and feelings, or are they mine?" - Agnes Palmisano


For four centuries, England's most famous Renaissance lutenist, John Dowland, has mesmerised audiences, capturing the abysses and passions of the human psyche in his words and music. For the stories he tells are timeless: music opens up a space in which sadness, sorrow, anger, but also lust, tenderness and joy can rise from one's own inner depths.

Agnes Palmisano, the undisputed master of the "Wienerlied", adapts the melancholic Briton to the present and rewrites his "Songs of Darkness" in Viennese German. Their congenial stage partners Daniel Fuchsberger, Andreas Teufel and Aliosha Biz on contrabass guitar, Schrammel accordion and violin transfer the musical setting from the English royal court of the Renaissance to the Viennese suburbs.



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AGNES PALMISANO, vocals, lyrics
Agnes Palmisano was born in Vienna and after graduating from high school she initially finished her training as a special education teacher. From 1997 to 2005 she studied singing at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. In 2001 she had her first encounter with the "Viennese Dudler", a mixed form of yodelling and coloratura singing which originated in the 19th century and whose leading interpreter and expert she is today. Her intensive artistic engagement with "Viennese music" on the threshold between "art" and "entertainment" has led to numerous - also internationally highly successful - concert and CD projects.

Music theatre productions at the Burgtheater in Vienna, the Volksoper Wien, the Oper Dortmund, the MuTh, at the DschungelWien and others. Until 2011, Agnes Palmisano led the music department of a school for severely mentally handicapped children in Vienna and was a lecturer at the Vienna University of Music for inclusive music school work. Since 2018 she has been teaching at the Pädagogische Hochschule Baden, as well as at the Music and Arts University of the city of Vienna (MUK).

ANDREAS TEUFEL, Schrammel accordion
Andreas Teufel graduated as a concert pianist at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz and is currently a répétiteur at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. His scientific curiosity led him not only to a doctorate in mechanical engineering, but also to exposure to Viennese originals such as the Schrammel accordion, which he first approached theoretically in his diploma thesis. Eventually he learned the instrument autodidactically and today plays in several Viennese formations, including the Agnes Palmisano Trio.

DANIEL FUCHSBERGER, contrabass guitar
Daniel Fuchsberger stems from the "Koppler musician dynasty" Fuchsberger. His interest in applied folk music inevitably led him to the contrabass guitar after studying percussion, jazz composition and marimba in Graz. He is active as a composer and musician, especially in the formations Agnes Palmisano Trio, Spafudla and Crossfiedler.

Aliosha Biz was born in Moscow in 1970. He studied violin at the Moscow Central Music School, then at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Since 1998 he has been living in Vienna, where he gave his first public concert in the pedestrian zone. From there he started his career as an exceptional violinist. At first, predominantly in the Jewish and Klezmer context, for example with Timna Brauer, not only in concert, but also on music theatre stages (e.g. Volksoper Wien, Theater an der Wien, Burgtheater, Theater am Kürfürstendamm Berlin, Stadttheater Klagenfurt et al.) and in film (e.g. "Heimkehr der Jäger" directed by Michael Kreihsl, "Paganini - the Devil's Violinist" directed by Bernard Rose or "Woman in Gold" directed by Simon Curtis). His collaboration with the Polish accordionist Krzysztof Dobrek and the shared band "Dobrek Bistro" or the "Russian Gentleman Club" are legendary. He is also part of Elisabeth Kulman's song recital "La femme, C' est moi".


A concert by Einedrahn in cooperation with the Vienna Court Music Ensemble.

Agnes-Palmisano-Trio © Stephan Mussil
Agnes-Palmisano-Trio © Stephan Mussil
Agnes Palmisano & John Dowland
Agnes Palmisano & John Dowland