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"Stärcke der Lieb"

Good Friday Oratorio (Sepolcro) by Johann Heinrich Schmelzer

Ensemble dolce risonanza


Theatres are traditionally closed on Good Friday. In the 17th century, overly secular entertainment was forbidden during the Passion period. But what if the emperor and his family still wanted to be entertained?

Around 1640, a special form of oratorio emerged at the Viennese court, which was called "Rappresentazione sacra al Santissimo Sepolcro" (Singing of the Death and Dying of Jesus Christ at the "Holy Sepulchre") or sepolcro for short, after its special performance setting.

This form of Passion oratorio became part of the court ceremonial of Holy Week under Emperor Leopold I and served as contemplative entertainment. In 1677, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, then Vice-Kapellmeister of the Vienna Court Music Ensemble, even composed a sepolcro in German called "Stärcke der Lieb". The score became part of the emperor's famous bedchamber library and has been preserved in the Austrian National Library. It even contains an interlude aria composed by Leopold I himself.


Now the Viennese original sound ensemble dolce risonanza is bringing this musical gem back to the Imperial Palace.

Good Friday, 7.4.2023, at 4.30 p.m.


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Imperial Court Chapel
Imperial Court Chapel
Ensemble dolce risonanza
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