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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

"Credo Mass"

Vienna Boys' Choir, Choir of the Wiener Staatsoper, Choralschola of the Wiener Hofburgkapelle, Wiener Philharmoniker, Erwin Ortner, Wolfgang Kogert

Mass in C major, KV 257

As confirmed by the results of an expert analysis of the autograph paper in the 1960s, Mozart’s C-major mass was most likely written in November 1776. The mass is known by the names of “Große Credo-Messe” or “Spaur-Messe” – the latter name referring to Count Ignaz Joseph von Spaur, whom Mozart knew well. It can be assumed that the mass was performed on November 17, 1776 as part of a ceremonial celebration for the Count von Spaur. The missa in C-major, KV 257 is a medium-length mass – yet it is only 200 bars or five minutes longer than the “Kleine Credo-Messe” also called Missa brevis. Especially the Kyrie, Gloria and Sanctus are rather compact compositions, while the Credo, which is the central part of this mass, as well as the Benedictus and Agnus Dei, are fully elaborated.
Translation: Nora Tunkel

Conductor: Erwin Ortner
Organist: Wolfgang Kogert
Choir: Vienna Boys' Choir, Choir of the Wiener Staatsoper and Choralschola of the Wiener Hofburgkapelle
Orchestra: Members of the Wiener Philharmoniker


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Erwin Ortner during mass