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Light on the finish?

The Wienerlied and death

wean hean - The Wienerliedfestival in the Imperial Court Chapel


Few clichés run as deep as the supposed morbidity and longing for death of the Viennese. Kreisler's song "Der Tod, das muss ein Wiener sein" has reinforced this nonsense.

We would like to explore this topic once again (!) in the Wienerlied. With side ears to the folk song and sacred song. In doing so, we will discover that the Viennese ultimately have nothing to fear in their convictions "Der Herrgott muaß a Weana sein" and "Im Himmel spielt der Ziehrer". So it's easy to follow the invitation "Don't make any fuss - go!" and put down the plane.


Idea, concept & research: Herbert Zotti


Participating artists:

  • Norbert Hauer & Herbert Zotti (vocals)
  • Helmut T. Stippich (button accordion, vocals) & Maria Stippich (double guitar, vocals)
  • Oliver Maar (barrel organ)
  • Schnitter-Quartett (vocal ensemble): Daniela Fuchs, Jasmin Linzer, Andreas Gamerith, Markus Pfandler-Pöcksteiner (director)
  • Oskar Aichinger's echo to Werner Korn, performed by Cordula Bösze (alto flute), Ingrid Eder (accordion) & Annelie Gahl (viola)



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