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The Echo of the Drau

Accordion Festival in the Imperial Court Chapel

Borut Mori, accordion

Andrej Ofak, guitar


The Imperial Court Chapel is another new venue for the Accordion Festival, whose extraordinary ambience guarantees a special concert experience.

The duo "Borut Mori" has been chosen for this evening, whose work can be described as a mosaic of peace, joy, connection and infinity. The duo's musical creations tell the audience stories of nature, friendship, love and distant worlds - entirely through the beauty of their instrumental music. At this unusual venue, you can look forward to a mixture of thoughtful composition and heartfelt improvisation and their very special connection between people and music.



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Duo "Borut Mori" © Nika Holzl Praper
Duo "Borut Mori" © Nika Holzl Praper