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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Missa in C-Major

Vienna Boys Choir, Vienna State Opera men's choir, Choralschola of the Imperial Court Chapel, Members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, NN, Jeremy Joseph

Messe C-Dur, KV 220 „Spatzenmesse“

Mozart’s mass in C-major (also called „Spatzenmesse“) KV 220 is a combination of Missa brevis („short mass“) and Missa solemnis („festive mass“). The exact date and circumstances of its composition have been subject to many speculations; however, it is believed today that it was written in Salzburg between March and June 1775. The orchestration is typical of short masses, yet it also includes trumpets and kettle drums, thereby giving it a more festive character. The by-name “Spatzenmesse”, which means “sparrow mass”, most likely originates from the specific chirping sound of the grace notes in the “Sanctus”. It can be assumed that with this acoustic figure Mozart intended to refer to the angelic bells of heaven.

Translation: Nora Tunkel

Conductor: NN
Organist: Jeremy Joseph
Choir: Vienna Boys Choir,  Vienna State Opera men's choir, Choralschola of the Imperial Court Chapel
Orchestra: Members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra


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